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How is Spamming Beneficial?

Posted by Todd

I was just visiting the Portland Pattern Repository Wiki, which I read regularly but don't contribute that often. Anyway, I made an attempt to update a page that I had contributed to before to find that security has now been enforced on the wiki to avoid spammers and denial of service attacks.

Question for you... what do spammers gain by posting to a technology wiki--or any wiki or blog for that matter? Do people actually buy what they are selling from postings like that? Do they garner a good-enough reputation from spamming to gain name recognition and a constant stream of orders for their products? Same question for email spammers... do people actually buy that stuff? My wife, BTW, has no need for penal enlargement products, yet she gets a steady stream of "quality" offers for them.

Perhaps the masses are more stupid than I thought. Oh well, those spammers keep me in business implementing better and better information security systems and policies for my clients.

What are your thoughts?

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“Outta Shape Boy” Prepares for “Standard Commute to Work”

Posted by Todd

Having been contracting out of town for the last couple of years, I've been a cycling slacker. I think "couch potato" is a more accurate term. That being said, today was my fifth day commuting to work this Colorado summer. Because I'm so out of shape (translates: slow), it's easy to be distracted by the sunny, 68 degree morning with a cool breeze running beside the Platte River. And with 90+% of my commute on dedicated bike path and trails, I don't have to concern myself with automobile traffic very much.

I missed my biking buddy today, even though he normally makes good on his attempt to "rip my legs off." Perhaps tomorrow. And as my body gets reacquainted with the prospect of cycling, my breathing is getting more efficient, my knees are waking up and, hopefully soon, I'll be ready for my "standard commute to work."

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Improving Business from the “Bottom” Up

Posted by Todd

OK, I'm chapped. Both literally and figuratively. I'm continuously amused at how businesses refuse to take care of their "bottom" line by skimping on toilet paper quality! Let's face it, most facilities management departments mistake 80 grit to mean "higher quality" or something... I think my current company went "all out" for its employees and ponied up for only 100 grit and I've certainly worked at places were 60 grit was the norm. But c'mon! Do they think if they provide "real" TP that we'll stock up and take some home? Maybe it's to discourage rest room breaks. Or is it just a money decision--buying the cheapest thing that could possibly work?

Hmm... what are the financial ramifications of all employees running around with a constant rash? I wager there would be less distraction, higher satisfaction levels, longer hours worked, and increased loyalty just from a simple toilet paper upgrade.

What do you think?

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