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Interoperable, Fast Enterprise Messaging

Posted by Todd

Over the last few weeks, I've had the opportunity to consider various messaging frameworks. Being I'm a "Java guy" my bias has been JMS, of course. There are several interesting open source options in that space. Of particular interest to me is Apache's ActiveMQ. I've had good luck with it and enjoyed it's performance even when compared to high-buck options like Fiorano and Tibco.

As of late, however, because I'm working in a largely C# shop, language support is a new and interesting consideration. Additionally, performance and scalability via commodity hardware is increasingly important. So I've been shopping around for options. Yes, ActiveMQ supports C# via the NMS client. But what other options are out there, perhaps in non-Java languages? Erlang, for instance, which offers some compelling scalability opportunities...

Here's what I'm looking at currently, which might be of interest to you:

  • Apache's QPid - An AMQP messaging platform.
  • Zyre - An interesting RESTful enterprise messaging approach
  • OpenAMQ - Claiming 590,000 messages per second on a single broker maching (130,000 mps per client)
  • ZeroMQ - An extremely fast C++ AMQP platform, claiming 2.8 (8 byte) messages per second.
  • RabbitMQ - an Erlang AMQP implementation.

Stay tuned....