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The Absurdity of the “Cadillac Pick-Up”

Posted by Todd

Over thirty years ago (I won't tell you how old I am), my dear old grandfather said to me, "Honey boy, if they ever make a Cadillac Pick'em Up, I'm going to buy me one!"  Knowing full well, of course, that "they ain't ever gonna make one, you know?"

Now, my grandpa (may he rest in peace) was a true maverick.  Not in the new, political sense where one pretends to be different than an incumbent.  But someone who holds an opinion and sticks with it come hell or high water, if you know what I mean.  A rebel who smoked like a chimney, swore like a sailor, but loved like a saint.  Yesteryear stories encompassed the gamut between being on board ship in the Big War and participating in dancing contests with his betrothed, picking hops and working construction.  So I ask you, why did he think it was so absurd to conceive of a Cadillac Pick-Up?  We used to chuckle about the concept quite regularly while we harvested wood for the winter stove.

If it's true that the deceased actually roll over in their graves when something outrageous happens, grandpa is doing somersaults presently because of the adjacent picture.  Here's your Cadillac Pick-up, Grampa:

The absurd Cadillac Pickem-Up

The absurd Cadillac Pick'em-Up

I wish like crazy that GM could be like other businesses, and disappear when they make stupid business decisions!  Cadillac doesn't mean "pick-up truck."  It doesn't mean "luxury."  It means "big, comfortable, roomy, luxurious car."  Duh and good riddance, GM.  I'm ready for an American car company that gets it.  Quality, innovation and target marketing.

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