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Improving Business from the “Bottom” Up

OK, I'm chapped. Both literally and figuratively. I'm continuously amused at how businesses refuse to take care of their "bottom" line by skimping on toilet paper quality! Let's face it, most facilities management departments mistake 80 grit to mean "higher quality" or something... I think my current company went "all out" for its employees and ponied up for only 100 grit and I've certainly worked at places were 60 grit was the norm. But c'mon! Do they think if they provide "real" TP that we'll stock up and take some home? Maybe it's to discourage rest room breaks. Or is it just a money decision--buying the cheapest thing that could possibly work?

Hmm... what are the financial ramifications of all employees running around with a constant rash? I wager there would be less distraction, higher satisfaction levels, longer hours worked, and increased loyalty just from a simple toilet paper upgrade.

What do you think?

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