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Introduction to REST (Revisited)

I get a lot of questions around RESTful practices and I see a lot of confusion out there in REST API land about what REST really means, is, and how to implement it.  Last November 2012, I talked at the Pearson Technology Summit in Denver, Colorado.  The talk is entitled "Instant REST Services with RESTExpress" but spends some time during the first have to revisit the six REST architectural constraints.  While the lapel mic was giving me troubles and causing some noise on the recording, the content is definitely understandable.  Enjoy.



The Six Constraints of the RESTful Architectural Style are:

  • Uniform Interface
  • Stateless
  • Client-Server
  • Layered System
  • Cacheable
  • Code on Demand
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  1. Very good .. well thought out tutorial.
    It will be nice if you could expand it a little bit more. As an experienced RESTful API programmer (kinda) I could quite easily connect to your flow of the presentation, helped me reflect on the basic concepts (which is REST is all about, get the basics right!).

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